Financing community-led development: Putting people first

Wednesday 15 July from 1:15 pm to 2:45 pm (EAT), Hotel Intercontinental, Meeting 3


This side event will focus on how integrated strategies at the community level will be critical for capacity building and to ensure inclusivity of all persons without distinction and at all levels.

A variety of stakeholders with expertise in integrated development strategies will discuss why grassroots, systems-based programming will be critical to achieve the SDGs and why multi-sectoral funding streams will ensure that they are carried out to their utmost efficiency and effectiveness. speakers will discuss evidence for successful implementation of integrated, community-led development that place the most impoverished, hungry and disempowered people – especially women – at the center. the catalytic role of CSOs in establishing strong social accountability mechanisms and effective partnerships between citizens and local governments will be a prominent focus.


Concern Worldwide and The Hunger Project

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