This section of the website features input document, responses and other documentation produced by civil society organizations and networks in their respective domains. This section also includes the input documents by networks and platforms to the CSO collective process.

CSOs Resource Documents

From numbers to nurses: Why budget transparency, expenditure monitoring, and accountability are vital to the post-2015 framework

Money matters in middle-income countries: Funding sexual and reproductive health in Latin America and the Caribbean

Progressive regional proposals on Financing for Development

The new debt trap report

What lies beneath? A critical assessment of  public private partnerships and their impact on sustainable development

What outcomes should be agreed in Addis?

Making Finance for Development work for gender equality: What is needed at Addis and beyond

The new global financing facility: A model for financing the Sustainable Development Goals?

Are FFD3 and Post 2015 striking the right public-private balance?

Trade and sustainable development: Options for follow-up and review of the trade-related elements of the post-2015 agenda and financing for development

From Addis Ababa to New York: Financing sustainable development after 2015

Statement and positin papers

10 Reasons for an Intergovernmental Tax Body

The Addis Action Agenda: An Agenda without Action?

Concord position paper

A long way from Monterrey to Addis: Placing an effective global partnership at the heart of development processes

FfD outcome rejects a key tax justice measure

Key messages from the Global Campaign for Education

Including women and girls with disabilities infinancing for development

Integrating gender equality into financing for development

Put equity at the heart of the agenda

The Addis Ababa Agenda for inaction or development for finance?

Trade unions reaction to the Addis Ababa Action Agenda on financing for development

Trade unions at the Third Conference for Financing for Development

Women’s group alarmed by FfD Plans

Women’s Working Group on the Addis Accord

Women’s Working Group on the FfD3 outcome document

Disarmament for sustainable development

African feminist policy recommendations

Trade Union position on FfD

African CS perspective on FfD


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