Official statements and resources (by IFIs, multilateral forums, governments or officials)

DateTitle (linked) Institution / AuthorComments / Related issues
OngoingIMF & COVID 19 Official Statements & Blog  IMF 
OngoingUN DESA COVID-19 Portal  UN DESA 
OngoingCovid-19 and World TradeWTO
OngoingFAO Policy BriefsFAOIncludes policy briefs on social protection, migrant workers, informal workers, food value chains, agri-food markets and trade policy amongst others.
OngoingSpecial Series on COVID-19IMFThe Special Series notes are produced by IMF experts to help members address the economic effects of COVID-19. The views expressed in these notes are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of the IMF, its Executive Board, or IMF management.
15 April 2020UN expert urges more government spending targeting inequality, not big businessUN Independent Expert on debt and human rights“Measures including unconditional cash transfers to maintain an adequate standard of living, provision of emergency shelters, a halt in evictions and cuts in the provision of electricity and water services must be considered immediately,” the expert said.
15 April 2020Communiqué – G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting 15 April 2020G20
8 April 2020Communication on the Global EU response to COVID-19European CommissionQ&A: Global EU response to the coronavirus pandemic
6 April 2020Statement by the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights on COVID-19 pandemic UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural RightsIn its statement, the Committee identified targeted measures needed to protect economic, social and cultural rights, including provision of water, soap and sanitizer to communities lacking such access; targeted protection of jobs, wages and benefits to workers; protection of workers from the risk of contagion; mitigation of the economic impact of COVID-19, including through wage subsidization and tax relief; a moratorium on evictions or mortgage bond foreclosures; prohibit profiteering on essential products; and promotion of income support and other relief to ensure food and income security. 
3 April 2020Some say there is a trade-off: save lives or save jobs – this is a false dilemma    Kristalina Georgieva, IMF   
1 April 2020Economic Policies for the COVID-19 War  IMF 
30 March 2020Europe’s COVID-19 Crisis and the Fund’s Response  IMF 
28 March 2020UN Global Humanitarian Response Plan to Covid-19United Nations
25 March 200In It Together: Protecting the Health of Africa’s People and their Economies  IMF 

Response trackers

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Ongoing  IMF Tracker of Policy Responses to COVID 19  IMF 
OngoingIMF Emergency Financing and Debt Relief Tracker/MapIMF
OngoingYale Repository of financial sector interventions  Yale   
OngoingFood and Agriculture Policy TrackerFAO
OngoingGender and Data Resources Related to COVID-19  Data2X    

Civil society responses

DateTitle (linked)Institution / AuthorComments / Related issues
OngoingFeminist Response to COVID19Feminist organisations and activistsFeminist organisations and activists have come together in a moment of collective organizing to outline key principles for a just and resilient recovery from the ongoing global pandemic, as well as to track responses and uplift collective action of feminists around the world.
OngoingCOVID-19 PANDEMIC: NEWS FROM UNIONS  ITUC affiliates  This page contains information from ITUC affiliates, Global Union Federations and LabourStart about the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.
OngoingIDA – COVID 19 and Disability Movement  International Disability Alliance (IDA)In the light of the COVID19 pandemic and with the aim to support a disability-inclusive response to the crisis, International Disability Alliance (IDA) has launched this hub-page to share the most recent updates and resources as they become available.
OngoingNew Economics Foundation – Coronavirus Responses  New Economics Foundation  NEF’s research and advocacy on the Covid-19 crisis – and beyond.
April 2020Civil society background briefing: the IMF response to COVID1935 CSOs and academicsThis background briefing prepared ahead of 2020 Spring Meetings represents a collective effort of over 35 civil society
organisations and academics.
April 2020Exiting the permanent crisis in the global southGlobal Justice NowThe case for a global financial reset in the wake of Covid-19.
24 April 2020Socio-Economic Impact of Covid19 on the East African Community SeatiniSEATINI – Uganda and members of the East African Trade Network (EATN) developed a discussion paper on the Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19 on the East African Community.
23 April 2020COVID-19: A Triple Whammy for Emerging Market and Developing EconomiesMadhyamEven though the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the US and European Union has captured the world’s attention, one should not lose sight of the pandemic and its associated health, economic and financial stability challenges in the rest of the world. As the COVID-19 pandemic advances globally, Africa and South Asia are witnessing a surge in the number of new cases lately, and these regions could soon become its next epicenters in the coming weeks. The emerging market and developing economies (EMDEs) are facing a triple whammy ― massive capital outflows, a sudden stop in economic activity, and collapse in commodity prices ― on top of a public health crisis caused by COVID-19.
21 April 2020Spring Meetings 2020 wrap-up: Will this change everything? Apparently not..Bretton Woods Project“While the Spring Meetings only marked the first chapter in the evolving international response to the unfolding crisis, the failure of the supposed apex of the multilateral development finance system to set out an adequate and just response is a function of both its archaic, rule-by-the-powerful architecture and resistance to break away from a decades-long adherence to free market orthodoxy.”
16 April 2020COVID-19: An open letter from African intellectuals to Africa’s leadersOpen letter from African intellectuals“The threats that are hanging over the African continent with regards to the spread of COVID-19 demand our individual and collective attention. The situation is critical. Yet this is not about mitigating another “African” humanitarian crisis but to diffuse the potentially damaging effects of a virus that has shaken the global order and put under question the bases of our living-together.”
15 April 2020Eight Global Action Points for People-centred COVID-19 Response & BeyondIBON InternationalIBON International identified eight global action points that aim to directly address the rights, needs and welfare of Southern peoples amid the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond
9 April 2020Dignity not DestitutionOxfamThis paper lays out an Economic Rescue Plan For All that meets the scale of the crisis, mobilizing at least $2.5 trillion dollars to tackle the pandemic and prevent global economic collapse. It prioritizes helping people directly: giving cash grants to all who need them. An immediate suspension of the debt payments of poor countries, combined with a one-off economic stimulus by the IMF and an increase in aid and taxes, can pay for this.
31 March 2020Global Unions’ statement for WB/IMF Spring MeetingsITUC/Global UnionsThe Spring Meetings of the IMF and World Bank must produce a plan to coordinate economic stimulus, public health action and debt relief
28 March 2020Today’s pandemic shows a need for system overhaulIBON InternationalThe world must never return to “business as usual.” Today’s extraordinary times require extraordinary measures for development: the international community must ensure that radically different economic, financial and governance norms emerge from this emergency.
25 March 2020CPDE – COVID-19 is a wake-up call to reverse inequality, a challenge to leave no one behind  CPDE 
20 March 2020ICC-ITUC – Open Letter to G20  ICC-ITUC  Global business and workers are united in call for coordinated action by G20 leaders that leaves no one behind in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
14 March 2020IBON International – Responses to the Coronavirus must build int’l solidarity for people’s rights  IBON International   
March 2020TWN Africa – Africa Agenda – Africa feels the negative economic waves of COVID -19 outbreak  TWN Africa  African Agenda Issue Vol. 23 No. 1 2020: Africa feels the negative economic waves of COVID-19 outbreak