In accordance to previously announced information, the time window to apply for travel support to attend the CSO Forum and FfD3 closed. 118 complete applications have been received to date. Two extra days have been provided to applicants to provide all necessary additional information to complete the selection process.

The selection will be very challenging as financial resources are limited (also not yet contractually secured) and will probably only allow travel support to a limited number of participants (depending on travel costs). The Addis Ababa CSO Coordinating Group (ACG) has set up a small selection committee that could facilitate the funding allocation process on the basis of the following leading criteria:

  1. The available funding will be primarily devoted to seek the greatest possible geographic balance, ensure gender balance and seek participation of under-represented constituencies; and,
  2. The available funding will also be allocated taking into consideration past and current record of engagement in the FfD process, though some limited funds might also be allocated to applicants that engage in parallel but interlinked policy domains.

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