The guidelines below are intended to harmonize and strengthen the communication within and outside the CSO group during the CSO Forum and the 3rd Financing for Development Conference.

Download here the full toolkit including a list of Twitter handles and hashtags of CSOs and UN Missions.

Collecting and sharing CSO resources

    • The CSO website – https://csoforffd.wordpress.com/ . Write to Angela (azarro@sidint.org ) if you have input for the site
    • For internal documents: The big list – global-social-economy@googlegroups.com – should be used for materials that are relevant for the broader group, and the ‘FfD Comms list’ should be used for communications specific issues, including basic coordination in Addis. If you would like to be added to the lists please contact Matt Simonds (matt.simonds@ituc-csi.org  for the Global Social Economy list and Julia Ravenscroft (jravenscroft@eurodad.org ) for the FfD Comms list
    • Blogs will be collected in the same tool as media coverage – see below.
    • Social media channels: Make sure your tweets contains hashtags of the CSO forum #CSOFFD3 and #FFD3 conference to allow messages circulating not only inside but also outside the Forum.
    • Input documents from CSOs to FFD3: Please share your organization’s position papers, statements, input documents and alike with Angela (azarro@sidint.org) in order to allow the upload on the CSO FFD3 website.
  •  People and organizations are requested not to engage in campaign stunts in the name of the CSO Forum without agreement from the coordination committees. Please share your ideas about campaigns with the committee before taking any action in the name of the CSO Forum.
  • Please make sure to respect the embargo deadline that is applied to documents and press releases before circulating them.

Mapping communications and spokespeople: In order to make full use of the impressive number of languages and countries we can cover as a group, we are asking all communications people and spokespeople (which means people who is willing to speak to media about their areas of expertise) to add their names to the map of spokespeople and comms-people:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Tap-uFd6IBiS-tjpZi4mjCKfpCAX0IBacJRE4Rfvpn8/edit?usp=sharing

Tracking and sharing media coverage, op-eds and blogs: It will be very helpful for us all to keep a track on what’s going on in the media – both because it influences the politics of the conference and because we can learn from each other and replicate good communication ideas. Therefore, we’ve set up a tool to track FfD related media coverage, op-eds and blogs in all languages and countries. Please add the materials you know of (media coverage is on page 1, blogs and op-eds on page 2):  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10UcXP8ChOwC7z-NmcOqe_gpoKkQAjTfuAH6LBhvDCuU/edit?usp=sharing

Social media and web channels

CSO Forum:

  • Website: https://csoforffd.wordpress.com/
  • Twitter hashtag: #CSOFFD3
  • Related hashtags: #FFD3 #post2015 #Addis
  • Specific hashtags: #TaxJustice #StopTaxDodging #globaltaxbody  #StopTNCImpunity #StopCorporateAbuse #Action2015 #FinanceOurFuture #Fin4dev

FFD3 Conference:



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