The Civil Society FfD Mechanism is an open civil society platform with the single criterion for membership being representation of a public-benefit civil society organization.

The Group has been active in its present format (Global Social Economy) since the Doha FfD Review Conference in 2008, though many of its members are engaged since the Monterrey FfD Conference in 2002. It is an open virtual list containing more than 400 organizations (with more than 500 individual members).

To JOIN THE CS FfD MECHANISM please visit the following google groups address and submit the request to join by filling the related form:

Fill this form to join the CS FfD Mechanism

Processing of requests can take 3-5 days. Should you have trouble joining, please contact the Addis Ababa CSO Coordinating Group (

2 thoughts

  1. Je une organisation des jeunes de la société civile et J’aimerais intégrer l’équipe .


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