We are thrilled to announce the launch of the CS FfD Mechanism Newsletter: “The FfD Chronicle.” It is the civil society newsletter published daily at FfD 2023 Forum that reflects the CS FfD Mechanism’s perspective, positions and critiques on the FfD process.

By shining a light on government statements and actions during this week and holding them accountable, we hope to ensure that the Financing for Development 2023 Forum delivers on its promises to create the policy space for global south countries to finance their development in a sustainable manner. This requires the removal of the systemic and structural impediments to transformation and the re-design of global economic governance to promote truly democratic multilateralism

Follow the newsletter as we keep a watchful eye on governments and demand the transparency and accountability needed to build a more just and equitable world!

About the CS FfD Mechanism: CSOs have been involved in the FfD process from the very beginning. Their coordination body is the CS FfD Mechanism, which is an open civil society platform including several hundreds of organizations and networks from diverse regions and constituencies around the world. CS FfD Mechanism’s core principle is ensuring that civil society can speak with one collective voice.

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