A visual map on how to engage with the Financing for Development process, you can find the full description in the text of the Toolkit page 29

We are excited to launch the Introductory Guide to Financing for Development. This document was developed based on collective work by the Civil Society FfD (Financing for Development) Group. It is an introductory briefing of the FfD process and of the Civil Society FfD Group’s role in it and it is the first part of a more comprehensive toolkit currently under development, being built as an attempt to make navigating the FfD process and its interrelated domains more accessible for a non-technical audience. By guiding readers through the UN Financing for Development world, it shines a light onto how shaping decision-making on global economic governance at the UN has the potential to transform our global economic systems to reduce inequalities within and between countries and make them work for people and the planet.

You can download the toolkit here in English, Spanish and French, with more languages to come soon!

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