The HLPF 2017 is fast approaching. The next GSEG call will be held on Wednesday, July 5, at 2PM Rome-time and will primarily focus on the preparations for the HLPF, including the FfD related sessions and the CS FfD Group’s Side Event. The call is expected to last 1h. The preliminary agenda and instructions for the call will be shared closer to the date. Should you plan to attendance the HLPF 2017, please fill the following form:

Kindly fill the form only when your attendance is actually confirmed, so that the list would only feature those physically present in NY. Should you participation be unconfirmed, please do not fill the form until you are certain to be in attendance. The form will remain open so you can always enlist yourself at a later stage. The response sheet with all confirmed participants is viewable so that it can be easier for people to coordinate and connect. Once we have a better sense of who is in attendance, we might explore the possibility of an informal gathering of the group.

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