The ECOSOC special meeting on international cooperation in tax matters will take place in NY on 9 December 2016, in the ECOSOC Chamber at UN Headquarters in New York. As usual, you can follow the session from remote on UN Web TV

Pursuant to its resolution 2017/2 (doc. E/2017/L.5) and decision 2017/205 (doc. E/2017/L.6), ECOSOC will hold, on 9 December 2016, a one-day meeting to consider international cooperation in tax matters including, as appropriate, its contribution to mobilizing domestic financial resources for development and the institutional arrangements to promote such cooperation, with the participation of representatives of national tax authorities.

The meeting, which will be held immediately following the 13th session of the Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters, will feature an update on the work of the Committee with a view to increasing the engagement of the Committee with the Council and enhancing intergovernmental consideration of tax issues at the United Nations. To this end, the meeting will be structured around several panel discussions on current issues in international tax cooperation, with the participation of members of the Committee, relevant international organizations and academia. The meeting will serve to promote interactive dialogue among delegations, regional tax organizations and other stakeholders. For further information on the special meeting, including the concept note and programme, please click here.

Civil society participants in attendance will be meeting on Dec 9 at 8:45AM at the Vienna Café for a brief preparatory meeting. Dereje Alemayehu (GATJ), Pooja Ranagaprasad (FTC) and Wolfgang Obelnland (GPF) will facilitate the preparations on behalf of the CSO FfD Group. The preparatory meeting will primarily serve to agree on speakers and content for possible civil society interventions during the general debate in the course of the session.


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