Reimagining Regional and Feminist Policies to Finance Socio-Economic Transformation: A Dialogue between Governments and Civil Society at FfD3

Tuesday, 14 July 2015 from 6:15 pm-7:45 pm at Hotel Elilly, Classic Hall, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


The discussion will feature key South governments and leading autonomous regional civil society networks debating progressive regional and feminist policies on systemic Financing for Development issues. Building on regional initiatives and discussions – including several facilitated by the co-convening organizations – the dialogue will identify regional policies and mechanisms to tackle trade and other systemic inequalities between and among countries, including gender equality. This dynamic dialogue will explore the linkages between FfD and the post-2015 agenda, examining the structural changes fundamental to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Looking towards implementation and monitoring, participants will envision regional mechanisms for accountability, including peer learning and review with the meaningful engagement of civil society at the regional level.


Regions Refocus 2015 with Third World Network, Social Watch, Third World Network-Africa, Arab NGO Network for Development, Latindadd, Diverse Voices and Action for Equality (DIVA), Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN).


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