Financing Development Justice: How can FFD3 deliver for rights and sustainability

13 July 2015, H 3:30-6:00 pm, Hotel Intercontinental, Meeting 3, Addis Ababa

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Ibon international, Asia Pacific CSO Engagement Network, VSO, ARROW, Kepa, Asia Pacific Research Network, in cooperation with NEPAD

One thought

  1. Private sector can make positive contribution to sustainability by building partnership with the public sector,
    for example, developing mechanisms for pollution control, waste management, energy-efficient transport, etc.
    To ensure rights, vulnerable or poorer communities should be included in sharing responsibility & re-adaptation mechanism to climate change, for example, projects should have the obligation to engage local people in implementation & monitoring process, and not to destroy local resources and to promote their sustainable management. Projects should also actively contribute to increasing the resilience & preparedness of communities susceptible to climate change induced disasters.


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