Climate Finance: Investing in the Most Vulnerable, Building a Just and Sustainable Future

Monday 13 July 2015 H 6:15-7:45 pm, Hotel Intercontinental Meeting Room 3, Addis Ababa


Climate change constitutes one of the biggest threats confronting humanity today, especially affecting the marginalised and impoverished. A critical aspect of responding to this global challenge is building and strengthening the capacities of low-income and climate-vulnerable countries and communities to adapt to the inescapable impacts of climate change and to transition towards low-carbon, climate-resilient development paths. Organised by the World Council of Churches and ACT Alliance, the side-event will discuss the following questions:

How much is needed to deliver low-carbon systems and climate resilience?

What types/modalities and sources of climate finance are available?

What works best and is there such a thing as an optimal mix?

Are there alternative instruments for raising climate finance?

How do we guarantee that the financial burden of coping with climate change risks is not transferred to those who contribute minimally to GHG emissions, possess scant financial resources, and yet are particularly exposed to climate change impacts?

How do we ensure transparency, predictability and additionality of climate funds, and that such funds meet the needs of the most vulnerable, i.e. rural and coastal communities and people and women living in poverty?

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World Council of Churches and ACT Alliance

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