CSO Recommendations for the Addis Ababa Accord and the Future of Financing for Development

CSO FfD Group Side Event at the Third FfD Conference in Addis Ababa

Wednesday, 15 July 2015, 18:15-19:45 – UNECA, Africa Hall



In the immediate run-up to the Addis Ababa Conference, representatives of civil society from all over the world will gather in a Civil Society Forum to examine the extent to which  and aspirations are being reflected in the final stages of the Conference’s preparation. The Forum will offer the space for common discussion and sharing of civil society’s views on what a successful outcome of the Addis Ababa Conference should look like. The Forum’s deliberations will culminate in a final declaration with civil society’s expectations and recommendations towards the Conference and its follow-up.

Alongside the opportunity to address the plenary on the basis of the Civil Society Declaration, civil society intends to discuss the outcomes of the Forum and the declaration at a side-event during the Conference.

The objective of the side-event will be to present our views, concerns, and recommendations and engage in a dialogue with governments, UN and other official stakeholders on our expectations of the Conference, its follow-up and linkages to the Post-2015 agenda and SDGs and negotiations on  the Climate Change Convention.



This event is organized by the Addis Ababa CSO Coordinating Group and the Women Working Group on FfD, on behalf of the CSO FfD Group

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