Trade Unions at the Third Conference for Financing for Development

The draft Addis Ababa Action Agenda falls short of ambition in setting concrete commitments for development finance or on implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda:

– Trade Unions regret that the key goals of full employment, decent work and social protection have little on how to deliver, with neither timelines nor indicators on how each point will be implemented;

– On the role of the private sector in development, the emphasis is on private investment and on the  need to “incentivise” private sector participation in the sustainable development agenda. Trade Unions demand accountability of business to be based on international human rights, labour and environmental standards and the obligations of the State to fulfill its developmental role;

– Trade Unions call for the full recognition of social dialogue (between workers and employer organizations) as development actors on an equal stand. The right of social partners to freely negotiate and conclude collective agreements is essential to address economic and social inequality, to strengthen sustainable development, as well as to enhance transparency of business operations;

– Trade Unions consider the human rights-based approach a precondition for an Addis Action Agenda that is fit for purpose and in line with the right to development.

Read the Trade Union position on Financing for Development (FfD) here.

International Trade Union Confederation

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