As the Third Conference on Financing for Development (FFD) in Addis Ababa sets out to resolve the challenges of development financing, the World Future Council and the International Peace Bureau, with the endorsement of other civil society organizations, take this opportunity to outline their position and present recommendations.

Peaceful and Just Societies Key Factor in FFD

They put a particular focus on peace as a Sustainable Development Goal, and will address the financing shortfall, focusing on the Domestic Public Finance aspect of resource mobilization.

The pursuit of peaceful and inclusive societies (Goal 16) must remain one of the central aims for which FFD policies are created. This is on account of the inextricable link between a secure environment and the capacity for sustainable development. Military budgets comprise a significant portion of national budgets worldwide, and are often both excessive and ineffectual in achieving security.Therefore, these excess resources should be used to fund the SDGs. Further, the increasing militarization of the planet negatively impacts the ambitions of the sustainable development agenda. For these reasons we call for reduction in military spending and reallocation of the saved resources to fund the SDGs—and also efforts to tackle climate change.

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