CONCORD calls on EU and its Member States to show their leadership in commitment to eradicate global inequality and extreme poverty by 2020

(Brussels, Addis Ababa, 08/07/2015) – As negotiations ahead of the third Financing for Development Conference continue to stall, many including in particular civil society in the EU and globally are looking to the EU to live up to its commitments and show willing to agree an ambitious outcome. True, transformational change in tackling poverty, reforming the global financial system and architecture will only be possible if real ambition is backed up by real action.

European civil society together with the global CSO community expects the EU to assume its responsibility and turn intent into action. We remind Europe of its legally binding obligation to Policy Coherence for Development. The EU must support an agreement in Addis Ababa that will advance structural transformation in the global financial system.

“The sense of urgency is greater than ever. In the increasingly complex and challenging world we live in it becomes ever more urgent to step up to the plate and say, enough is enough. Political commitments enshrined in written documents must become actionable. The EU, as one of the major players, must take leadership in supporting an equal, just, dignified live for all people, wherever they are. A good first step would be to look into the mirror and act upon anything you would not like see happening to you and your own people,” said Izabella Toth (Cordaid), CONCORD Europe’s Board member.

Read key messages here
Download position paper

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