Making Finance for Development work for gender equality: What is needed at Addis and beyond

Gender and Development Network briefing, June 2015

Throughout the Post-2015 process, many governments have successfully championed gender equality within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is now vital that sufficient funding is secured and that, crucially, this is of high quality and raised in a way that promotes gender equality and women’s rights.

This report discusses the benefits and pitfalls of financing and recommendations are made on the need for strong commitments on sufficient and appropriately high quality funding, and on recognition of the need to address prevailing gender discrimination in the economy. Download the report here

Read also:

Key messages on Financing for Development from GADN: it  highlighs key messages in relation to the ongoing negotiation on the Addis Ababa accord and making specific language suggestions based on drafts to date (16 June 2015).


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