Progressive Regional Proposals on Financing for Development


In July 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the Third Conference on Financing for Development, or FfD3, will
be convened to promote global attention and action to address and overcome systemic inequalities and garner
the resources required to achieve development. In acknowledgement of the prominence of the issues and the
need for regional specificity in determining the agreement, the Regional Commissions of the United Nations have organized preparatory meetings in early 2015, to raise awareness and gather perspectives in the regions and to build solidarities towards regional negotiating positions ahead of the Addis Ababa conference in July.

Regions Refocus 2015 has identified “progressive regional proposals,” or PRPs, culled from the official outcomes of these regional preparatory meetings. [See also our reference document Progressive Regional Proposals on Financing for Development: Compendium of Outcomes and Analysis of FfD3 Regional Consultations, available at]

The PRPs are grouped according to the sections of the draft outcome document, with additional attention to gender equality, climate finance, and regional integration. Read and download here


Region Refocus 2015 is an initiative housed at the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation, Regions Refocus 2015 fosters regional and feminist solidarities for justice through policy dialogue between civil society, governments, sub-regional alliances, and the UN


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