The rules of the global economy affect all aspects of our life and yet many decisions with regard to this are being made in undemocratic forums dominated by rich countries. The UN’s Financing for Development process aims to create a democratic space to address historical inequalities in global economic governance and demand for economic justice. 

Civil society is considered a key agent in this process, and the Civil Society Financing for Development Mechanism is the space through which civil society can engage in the Financing for Development policy debates. It is an open platform of several hundred organizations and networks worldwide that follows the Financing for Development process closely. The Mechanism works across all Financing for Development thematic pillars with an interconnected, feminist, Global South, and decolonial perspective and exposes the urgent need for systemic reforms. Learn more about us and join us in supporting the democratization of global economic governance. 

Check out our video below in English, Spanish subtitles and French subtitles

Check out the video in English

Consulta el vídeo con subtítulos en español

Découvrez la vidéo sous-titrée en français

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