We are excited to announce that the Civil Society Financing for Development Group has now evolved into the Civil Society Financing for Development Mechanism! 

This name change was collectively agreed among the members to reflect the open and inclusive nature of the platform as well as to signal its official and legitimate role as the civil society mechanism within the UN’s Financing for Development  process. This is particularly important as we look towards engaging in the preparatory process for the Fourth Financing for Development Conference.  

The CS FfD Mechanism’s core principle continues to be to ensure that civil society can speak with one collective voice. 

The name change was endorsed by consensus at the Civil Society FfD Coordination Meeting, and it was also subjected to a formal vote with the FfD coordination list and then the wider membership of the Mechanism. The name change will be reflected in all communications, social media, and website. If you want to learn more about the CS FfD Mechanism and our areas of work, please download our Introductory toolkit here

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