Bridging the Gap: Addressing the vacuum in multilateral governance of digital technology to close the digital divide and support efforts to leave no one behind

29 March 2022, 17:45-19:00 Bangkok/Zoom

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Co-organized by: APRCEM, ETC Group, Civil Society Financing for Development Group

The global COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the extent and further exacerbated the digital divide – the ever-widening gap in access to digital technology and infrastructures between the North and South, between men and women across the world, and between urban and rural communities within countries. As the digital gap is widening and worsening as a result of the pandemic, the world on both sides of the divide have to deal with the consequences and issues around digitalization – ranging from violation of basic rights. This side event will tackle the issue of the lack of governance on digitalization and how such a policy could also address the digital divide and contribute in resolving socio-economic challenges that the region is facing today.

Feminist Recovery Post-COVID-19: Just and equitable financing for achieving Development Justice

Time: 30 March 2022, 12:15-13:30 Bangkok/Zoom

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Co-organized by: APWLD, APRCEM, Civil Society Financing for Development Group

The pandemic has further derailed achievements of the SDGs, in particular, the realization of SDG5 targets in gender equality with women and girls becoming more vulnerable during the crisis. While monitoring the SDGs is critical, it is also crucial to address the crisis in financing to realize the goals. With the looming debt crisis in the global south, Agenda 2030 seems to be lagging behind. “Building Back Better” should not just be about the “new normal” but instead should usher in a new framework that would address the systemic challenges. The side event offers peoples’ solutions for feminist recovery post-COVID-19 and towards the achievement of Agenda 2030, by achieving Development Justice through a just and equitable financing.

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