Road to 76th UN General Assembly:
FfD Systemic Governance Reforms on Trade, Tax and Debt to Advance the 2030 Agenda

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Date: 7th July 2021, Wednesday 

Time: 7:30 am – 9:00 am NY-time 

Organiser: Civil Society FfD Group (including Women’s Working Group on FfD) 

At the FfD Forum in April 2021, governments agreed to adopt an FfD outcome document filled with rhetoric and no action. This ‘business as usual’ approach in the FfD process is unconscionable during a crisis that is exacerbating inequalities within and between countries, while unpaid domestic and care work, primarily carried out by women, have once again stepped up to increase the already huge subsidy to the global economy, undermining women’s human rights and gender equality. 

National level decisions, while important, are insufficient to ensure the required policy and fiscal space needed for a decolonial, feminist and just transition for people and planet. The side event will therefore focus on the urgent need for democratization of global economic governance – with special reference to debt, trade and tax-related reforms – recognizing the right of every country to be at the decision-making table, and not only those concentrating power or resources. 

The Civil Society FfD Group is calling on governments to step up and demonstrate much-needed leadership at the upcoming 76th UN General Assembly to agree on the following reforms through UNGA resolutions: 

  • Organising the next UN Summit on Financing for Development in 2022 or 2023. 
  • Establishing an open-ended intergovernmental working group to work towards a binding and multilateral framework for debt crisis prevention and resolution. 
  • Establishing a universal, intergovernmental UN tax commission and negotiating a UN Tax Convention to comprehensively address tax havens, tax abuse by multinational corporations and other illicit financial flows. 
  • Agreeing on an immediate moratorium on Investor-State-Dispute-Settlement (ISDS) cases and all trade and investment agreements that compromise governments’ policy space to address the pandemic. 

The side event will bring together civil society experts and government officials to discuss these critical FfD issues in the context of the upcoming 76th UN General Assembly. 


Emilia Reyes, Equidad de Género/Women’s Working Group on FfD 

Dereje Alemayehu, Global Alliance for Tax Justice 

Ranja Sengupta, Third World Network 

Iolanda Fresnillo, Eurodad 

Moderator: Pooja Rangaprasad, SID/Civil Society FfD Group


Monica Velarde, Government of Mexico 

Rodrigo Riojas, Government of Mexico