Webinar Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXSufjnkSXo  (no pre-registration required)

8 July 2020, Wednesday, 8 am – 9 am  NY; 9am Buenos Aires; 14:00 Brussels; 15:00 Nairobi; 17:30 India; 19:00 Bangkok


Dereje Alemayehu, Executive Coordinator, Global Alliance for Tax Justice

Ranja Sengupta, Senior Researcher, Third World Network

Maria Jose Romero, Policy and Advocacy Manager, EURODAD

ModeratorEmilia Reyes, Program Director, Policy & Budgets, Equidad de Género, Ciudadanía, Trabajo y Familia & Co-Convener, Women’s Working Group on Financing for Development


We are in the midst of critical health and humanitarian crises leading to a global economic crisis and furthering even more the environmental emergency. It has exposed once again the inequalities not just within countries but inequality between countries with unpaid domestic and care work subsidizing the global economy.  

While developed countries ring-fence their economies announcing massive stimulus packages, developing countries are struggling to respond adequately considering the unbearable restrictions on the policy and fiscal space of developing countries, suffocated by corporate tax abuse and other forms of illicit financial flows as well as unsustainable debt burdens.

The global economic architecture is broken and only reinforces the problematic status quo of an ossified global division of labor focused on the extraction of wealth and resources from the Global South. It is time to decolonize the global economy. This is the time for the UN to again promote a global transformation, as it did 75 years ago. The time to mobilize jointly around structural transformation is here. The time to act is NOW!

We therefore call for an International Economic Reconstruction and Systemic Reform Summit under the auspices of the UN and call on member states to agree on such a summit at the UN General Assembly.

Background Document on the Summit

OrganisersCivil Society FfD Group and Women’s Working Group on FfD

For more information, please write to addiscoordinatinggroup@gmail.com or wwgonffd@gmail.com.                                                   

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