The advance unedited version of the 2018 report of the Inter-agency Task Force on Financing for Development has been posted online. You can find the full report at:

Please also note that a series of technical briefings are being organized for the week of March 5, as indicated at the following link:

As always, the Rapid Response Group (RRG) of the Civil Society FfD Group will facilitate the collective response to the IATF Report in preparation for the upcoming negotiations for the FfD Forum outcome. On behalf of the RRG, you are kindly invited to provide your comments on the following dimensions:

  • Overarching comments on the report;
  • Key elements of the report that we appreciate and that can be used in our advocacy efforts (by section);
  • Key elements of the report that we are concerned with, that needs to be challenged and that require a counter-narrative/evidence (by section);
  • Key gaps that would need to be addressed in future reports.

Comments need to be sharp and short, preferably in “bullet point format” so that they could be more easily used by the RRG and, where possible, should be supported by referencing longer reports, data sets or papers.

To post your comments, you can either fill the attached Word file:

CS FfD Group – IATF Report Feedback Form

or fill the following Google form:

Kindly make sure your comments are emailed back to the group or posted on the Google form no later than Sunday, March 11, COB. Please also note that a conference call will be scheduled (separate message) in the week starting on March 12 for a collective discussion on the Report.

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