Statement to the Ministerial Roundtable III by the Civil Society FfD Group (including the Women’s Working Group on FfD), delivered by Marta Benavides, Agricultural Missions and Feminist Task Force, on May 23, 2017 (FfD Forum 2017)

On Systemic issues and reference to “adequate voice of developing countries”:

  • Systemic issues – Stem from historical colonial practices and experiences, entrenched in the present world as it is. This system is a creator of poverty and impoverishment, of perpetuating violations of human rights, and economic, social and cultural rights, and gender inequality and all inequalities;
  • This systemic situation has created and depended on a financial architecture from the local to the national to the global, which is extractivist of peoples and nature;
  • Financing for development has permitted to look at a financial architecture that can have as its base the paradigm of care of the planet, care of life and care of the humanity.

Coherence with sustainable development:

  • SDGS need to be viewed and worked on as indivisible, transversal and universal; the Habitat and Climate agendas have to work indivisible and transferable with the SDGs;
  • FfD is a tool to work intentionally and effectively to accomplish these agendas which would guarantee the accomplishment of the 2030, 2036 and Climate agendas up to the 7th generation.

Implementation of all FfD outcomes, back to Monterrey:

  • In summary, all nations – the United Nations – aided by the administration of governments, must unite intentionally and in an urgent, decisive manner to campaign, to keep under 1.50 Celsius and commit to work for a Just Transition. This is the way to effectively achieve these agendas.

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