Please note that the deadline for submitting all registrations is 12 May 2017

Registration for ECOSOC FfD Forum is now open at the following link:

Please note that all registrants will be required to create an account on INDICO to register for the Forum. This is the same registration used for meetings in Geneva (UNOG), so please check your records as you might already have the login credentials. Otherwise, just create a new profile.

Attendees at the FfD Forum representing civil society organizations must be accredited either through ECOSOC or through the FfD follow-up process, or must be included in formal delegations of accredited organizations. As usual, we will ensure that organizations that do not have ECOSOC or FfD accreditations will be included in the delegation of an accredited organization. SID, as well as others, will offer an “umbrella” for these registrations. If you require support for registration, kindly contact Angela Zarro ( as soon as possible.

Please also note that all registrants must submit a letter from their organization noting that they are part of the formal delegation to the Forum. Any registrations that do not have an accompanying letter will not be considered. All letters can be uploaded directly onto the registration site for review by the FfD office. Once registrants have submitted their registration form and document, they will receive an automated message indicating that the registration has been submitted. Once approved, participants will received further details on logistical arrangements to attend the Forum in a separate email.

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