The preparatory process for the ECOSOC FfD Forum 2017 has started. The draft programme is available here and the two co-facilitators for the intergovernmentally agreed conclusions have been appointed (letter of appointment available here). Information on registration will soon be available.

The CSO FfD Group preparations are based on the following pillars:

  • Letter to ECOSOC President on modalities, vision on follow-up process and comments on draft programme: The CSO FfD Group shoule send a formal letter on the modalities of the Forum to the ECOSOC President and two Co-Facilitators. The letter is currently being drafted by the ACG and includes the call for an extra day in the fall to explore the opportunity of a multi-year programme of work. The letter will also include a short document on the civil society vision on the Forum/follow-up process (Annex 1- draft elaborated by a small Task Group of the ACG/RRG) and a set of short and sharp comments on the draft programme (Annex 2). The letter and its annexes will soon be shared with GSEG for review and final decision at the next call (see separate email);
  • Collective Civil Society Side Events: The ACG/RRG will propose for discussion with larger group a proposal on the possible number and themes of collective side events to be organized at the FfD Forum. Final decision will be taken by GSEG in the lead-up/at the next call (the deadline for submission is April 21);
  • Pre-Forum preparatory session: As per past experience, the CSO FfD Griuo will organize at least a full day preparatory session in NY on Sunday May 21. This might be preceded by a half-day preparatory session with the coordination group on Saturday, May 20;
  • Funding: At the moment, the ACG has not been successful in raising funds for the Forum. However, the ACG continues to liaise with the FfD Office as well as possible development partners to explore additional opportunities to support Southern attendance.

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