The ACG is pleased to share the latest programme of the CSO FfD Forum (the very final version will be circulated as the Forum starts) and to welcome all participants to the Opening Reception, which will be graciously hosted by the Ethiopian Government tonight, July 10, at the Desalegn Hotel (the site where the Forum takes place) from 7-9PM.

CSO FfD Forum – Final Programme – Jul 10

Participants are encouraged to arrive earlier that 7PM in order to complete their registration and pick the CSO Forum badge in accordance to the following procedure:

  • All CSO participants that completed the registration on the Google Form should just follow the lines devoted to “Pre-Registered Participants”. There will be multiple lines divided alphabetically in groups by the initial of your last name/surname. No registration confirmation letter is required as the CSO Forum did not issue them! Your registration was automatically recorded when completed online. You will just tick your box on the current list of registered participants and pick your pass!
  • A separate line will be devoted to CSO registrations on site, for CSO representatives that did not previously submit their registration. You will need to complete a short form with the usual information and then pick your badge;
  • A separate line will be devoted to non-CSO participants, both those pre-registered and those registering on site.

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