The CSO FfD Group delivered its collective statements to each of the agenda items of the Second Drafting Session of the FfD Outcome Document (New York, April 13-17). Each statement was developed through a participatory process within the CSO FfD Group on the basis of the Collective CSO Analysys & Recommendations to the FfD Zero Draft (see separate post to download the document and the three CSO General Statements on the Zero Draft):

1. CSO Statements on Opening Sections

2. CSO Statements on Domestic Public Finance

3. CSO Statements on Dom and Int Private Finance

4. CSO Statements on International Public Finance

5. CSO Statements on Int Trade for Sustainable Development

6. CSO Statements on Debt and Debt Sustainability

7. CSO Statements on Systemic Issues

8. CSO Statements on Technology, Innovation and Capacity-building

9. CSO Statements on Data Monitoring and Followup

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